April 20, 2024

‘Teenage alcohol drinking’ may lead to early death


We all know that ‘drinking alcohol’ is injurious to health. All medical experts unanimously say that those who consume alcohol regularly are highly vulnerable to many deadly diseases, such as cancer.

The unfortunate fact is that in this modern society, many teenagers, particularly those living in the urban areas, have this bad habit of drinking alcohol.

A new study has discovered that those who get drunk for the first time before their age of fifteen are likely to die before the age of fifty than those who get drunk for the first time after the age of twenty.

Anyway, this study is not trying to advise that one can start the disastrous habit of drinking alcohol after the age of twenty, but it is trying to say that one should make sure that he/she does not get drunk for the first time before the age of twenty at any cost.

Literally, there is no good thing that this habit can offer you. Quit Drinking!


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