March 23, 2023
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Parliament committee fails to submit report on Transgender bill


Delaying justice to the transgender community living in our country, the standing committee on social justice and empowerment failed to submit their report on the Transgender Person (Protection of Right) Bills 2016. It was told that the report on the bill would be submitted in the parliament on the last day of the winter session, but the report, which aimed to bring certain suggestions to safeguard the interest of transgender, was not submitted on the scheduled day. Instead, the committee requested a three-month extension, citing that it had to study more details regarding the bill. It was identified that the transgender community faced serious discrimination in property rights, employment, education and healthcare. The bill was targeted to shatter all such discriminations.

Another interesting factor was that the bill was initially introduced as a private member bill by DMK MP Tiruchi Siva, and was the first such bill cleared by the Rajya Sabha in last 45 years. Anyway, the bill was being considered by a parliament committee headed by Lok Sabha member Ramesh Bains. Several religious activates practiced in the rural regions, like Guru Pratha, the religious practice of keeping the third sex people under the guardianship of gurus, allegedly exploited the transgender communities. When certain section of society spoke in favour of these religious practices, some others strongly criticised the practice. It seems that a detailed deliberation inviting suggestions from all corners of the society is essential in this matter. Anyway, if the bill is passed it will definitely benefit the transgender community living in our country.




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