February 26, 2024
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Tata Likely To Announce World’s Largest Commercial Aircraft Deal In Weeks

Within the next few weeks, the Tata group is poised to finalise and announce what is anticipated to be the largest aviation deal in history, which will result in Air India receiving some of the newest and most technologically advanced commercial jetliners.

Once the new planes start to arrive in considerable numbers, Air India, which now includes Vistara and Air Asia India, will probably have the youngest fleet in the entire world within a few years.

The Tatas are close to concluding discussions with both Boeing and Airbus for a variety of long, medium, and short-medium range aircraft, according to information obtained by NDTV.

The airline is anticipated to induct much more than a hundred aircraft, hence the contract size is likely to be in the billions of dollars.

The new fleet is likely to include a combination of large-capacity aircraft like the Boeing 777X, ultra-long-haul jetliners like the Airbus A-350, Boeing 787 Dreamliner variations, and Airbus A-320 NEO series variants.

The likelihood is high that the airline will also buy different Boeing 737 Max models. Air India Express already uses vintage Boeing 737 aircraft.

Regarding the precise composition of its upcoming fleet, Air India refuses to disclose.

Along with the purchase of the new aircraft, Air India is probably going to change its livery as well, though the announcement of the new look might not occur simultaneously with the business agreement.

Today, Air India pledged $400 million toward the interior upgrades of its entire fleet of wide-body aircraft. The “latest generation seats and best-in-class inflight entertainment systems,” according to Air India, will now be used in these.

The average number of flights per day has increased by 30%. There are now 63% more weekly foreign flights, and 16 additional international routes have either started or been announced. According to the airline, everyday income has increased by a factor of two.

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