July 14, 2024
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“Take A Day Off And Enjoy”: Shah Rukh Khan’s Birthday Wish For PM

Shah Rukh Khan had a request for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday today: “take the day off and enjoy.” In addition, SRK wished the Prime Minister “the strength and health to achieve all your goals.”
This morning, the prime minister turned 72.

PM Modi was in Madhya Pradesh this morning after arriving late yesterday night from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) session in Samarkand. At an effort to restore the swift cats to India, he released a group of cheetahs from Namibia into a special enclosure in Kuno National Park.

“Your dedication for the welfare of our country and its people is highly appreciated. May you have the strength and health to achieve all your goals. Take a day off and enjoy your Birthday, sir. Happy Birthday,” tweeted Shah Rukh Khan.

BJP has plans to make PM Modi’s birthday momentous at the same time. The party will launch a 21-day “Seva and Samarpan” campaign in addition to setting a record for the most COVID-19 vaccine inoculations. Along with planting trees, the party will also organise a cleaning campaign.

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