May 23, 2024
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Breaking the Stigma, One Cup at a Time: The Inspiring Story of Café Positive

Café Positive is a unique café in Kolkata, India that is entirely managed and operated by HIV-positive men and women. The café was founded by Kallol Ghosh in 2016 with the goal of eradicating negative stereotypes and misconceptions about people living with HIV. Despite the significant progress made in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in recent […]Continue Reading
Featured Latest News National

7 Emerging Job Trends Shaping the Indian Job Market for 2023

According to various reports and studies, some of the top job trends in India for 2023 could include: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: With the growing demand for AI-based products and services across industries, the demand for professionals skilled in AI and machine learning is expected to rise. Healthcare and Biotechnology: The COVID-19 pandemic has […]Continue Reading