May 29, 2024
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T20 World Cup: Bangladesh Player Accuses Virat Kohli Of “Fake” Fielding

In his T20 World Cup match, Indian great Virat Kohli was accused by Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan of “fake fielding” that went unreported by the on-field umpires and cost his team five potentially crucial penalty runs.

Bangladesh missed their revised target of 151 runs in 16 overs after a brief downpour by five runs. While Nurul kept Bangladesh in the game in the final over with a six and a four off Arshdeep Singh, his skipper Shakib Al Hasan appeared to criticise the on-field umpires after the game.

“Definitely, the wet outfield did have an impact when we restarted the game. But there was also a fake throw which could have got us five runs but we didn’t even get that,” Nurul said in Bengali at the mixed zone, indirectly accusing umpires Chris Brown and Marais Erasmus of overlooking the incident.

The occurrence to which Nurul was alluding took place in the seventh over. Arshdeep tossed the ball from a distance, and Kohli pretended to transmit it at the non-end striker’s while playing point, according to a video clip.

When a fielder near to the track catches a ball from deep and throws it at the stumps, it is known as a relay throw.¬†Litton Das and Najmul Hossain Shanto, the two hitters, didn’t even turn to look at Kohli, which is why Nurul’s statement raises doubts.

The fielding team is not allowed to “deliberately, distract, deceive, or hinder the batter,” according to ICC playing conditions rule 41.5, which deals with unfair play.

The umpire has the authority to declare a dead ball and give out five penalty runs if he determines that someone has broken the rule. Nurul charged Kohli with fake fielding, but he neglected to consider the “distraction and deception” portion of the regulation.

Shanto and Litton weren’t paying attention to Kohli, so they weren’t diverted or tricked. Nurul, on the other hand, may face consequences for his criticism of the match officials.

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