February 23, 2024
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Swine flu batters Gujarat; Death toll reaches 280

At least 280 people have been killed in the Indian state of Gujarat due to the outbreak of the dreaded ‘Swine Flu’. The state authorities have requested the urgent intervention of the central government in order to bring the situation under control. Some senior district administrators have directed the concerned under their authority to cancel all the public programs in an effort to do away with all the possibilities of spreading the disease quickly as, in such public gatherings, many people come together to participate and thus the chance of spreading the disease among the people living in the unaffected areas in a quicker way is very high. As per the report, in the last ten days alone, nearly 100 people have died due to the disease outbreak. It is found that the populous regions of the state such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat are the most vulnerable areas. According to the report, a special task force has been constituted by the state government and all the major hospitals (private and government hospitals) have been given an adequate amount of Tamiflu, the medicine which is used to treat the deadly disease. It is the beginning of the festival season in the state, so the number of new swine flu cases is likely to increase exponentially. The central government and state government must make sure that all measures are taken to bring down the death toll to ‘zero’.


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