April 20, 2024
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University teachers set to get salary hike


There have been allegations that though the university teachers are one of the most prominent employees of the society, they are very often neglected in the time of announcing the salary hikes and other perks. The HRD ministry’s decision to give the salary hike of nearly 25 per cent to the deserving teachers working in the central, state and government funded universities indicates that the current central government, particularly the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the government, the ministry of the central government deals with the high education, has, for the first time, recognized the importance of the work done by the university teachers.    Altogether, in the central universities, state universities and government funded-technical universities, there are nearly nine lakh teachers. As per the report, almost all of these teachers will get the benefit of the salary hike. A national media has quoted a source, on the demand of anonymity, as saying that the HRD ministry has already approved the decision. It is learned that in the near future the proposal will be submitted to the cabinet for their approval. If the proposal gets the assent of the cabinet, the teachers will get the proposed salary hike very soon. The practice of giving a decent salary to the teachers working in the higher education sector will help the concerned to improve the standard of education and quality of teachers in this sector. The government must make sure that our universities are getting an adequate supply of globally competent teachers.


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