November 30, 2023
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Who is Swami Bhadraanand?

A short story of a Hunted Mystic Monk

Swami Bhadraanand is an unambitious mystic modern monk who is incarnated to establish Sanathana Dharma in Kali Yuga. The Rise of this Seer was in the southern part of India where Adi Shankaracharya and Jagad Guru Sree Narayan had taken birth and struggled their life for the emancipation of mankind.

He is a famous future analyst, noted sanathana dharma pracharak, fearless activist, critic, political advisor, photographer and writer. The spiritual efforts enhanced Swami’s sixth sense and he predicted many major incidents. The Seer with extrasensory perception, Swami is known as an Indian Nostradamus. Moreover, the accuracy of Swami’s predictions rated him beyond the insights of Nostradamus.

The community first learned about Swami’s prophetic instinct at the age of seven. Swami first shocks the family by predicting the death of his grandfather and father. By twenty he was known all over for these unusual insights. Swami’s karmic purity, spiritual wisdom and prophetic abilities are irreplaceable.

The roots of Swami Bhadraanand’s spiritual inheritance stem from his forefathers. Swami’s great grandfather Nani Ashaan was the first devotee and supporter of Sree Narayana Guru. Sree Narayana Guru was a spiritual mentor who taught the world about the philosophy of one caste, one religion, and one God for man. Sree Narayana Guru was a highly revolutionary spiritual personality who fought against the caste system and the prejudiced mindset of society throughout his life.

The devotees of Sree Narayana Guru regard him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Sree Narayana Guru and Swami’s great grandfather Nani Ashaan together installed the famous controversial Shiva Linga at Aruvippuram and materialised the Shiva temple there. The grandfather of Swami is Mr N Rama Panicker, who is a Shiva Yogi and the son of Nani Ashaan. Also, Swami’s grandmother was an ardent devotee of Durga Devi and some of Swami’s family members are all famed in Tantrics. The Malayalam month of Kanni 5th is observed in Kerala as Sree Narayana Guru’s Samadhi Day. On the same day of Kanni 5th in 1982, a baby boy was born to Nani Aashan’s granddaughter, Dr Madhuja in Thiruvananthapuram.

The year of Sree Narayana Guru’s Samadhi is on Kanni 5th 1928 and the birth year of Swami Bhadraanand is on Kanni 5th 1982 this itself indicates a mystic twist, 28 and 82! Many believe that this boy was born to continue Sree Narayana Guru’s cycle of revolutionary work, but nowhere Swami Bhadraanand claims that he is an incarnation of Sree Narayana Guru. What more to say? If we compare the existing sanyasis from Sree Narayana’s Mutt only Swami Bhadraanand has such a great birth connection and family relationship with Sree Narayana Guru, but he never availed his connection with Sree Narayana Guru for any of his benefits.

Swami was adorable and special to all. For his grace, he was named Arun. He grew up naughty, was good at everything including studies and extracurricular activities, and was at the forefront of cultural and creative works. During his teenage years, he showed interest in cars and bike racing. Arun went to Bangalore from his hometown to study engineering and there he met an Aghori Baba whom nobody knew but loved only by him. Arun gave up his engineering studies and turned to spiritual studies. Arun went to the Himalayas with Agori Baba and they led a spiritual life there. The spiritual heritage carried down through the generations gifted Arun with his spiritual quest for enlightenment. Young Arun grew with the blessings of the great Himalayan Saints and eventually transformed into Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand. If a child named Arun was born in God’s own country, Kerala, then Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand was born in the Himalayas. There, he felt his spiritual power unleashed, and it shone like a sun illuminating his soul. His great Himalayan masters taught him the essence of Vedas and Maha Tantric Vidyas.

Swami Bhadraanand’s journey was to the ancient gurus who lived in the Himalayas. Swami gained a lot of mystical knowledge that could rewrite a person’s destiny by altering aura and chakras without the help of religions and rituals. Swami’s exploration has traversed through his sixth sense and sanctified powers leading him to foresee Human life and its Aura. Swami’s experiments on ‘Aura Mechanism’ are to alter a person’s Aura and restore the impaired Aura. Through the unique ‘Aura Mechanism’, we can redesign our destiny. Swami is known to be a spiritual scientist for his 15 years of intense research on “AURA and its Implications on Human Life – Good, Bad and the Unknown”. The secrets behind our future and success are hiddenly written in our aura. If once we were able to understand the energy and condition of our aura, then we can be free from the bonds and fulfil the purpose of our life. For experiencing such bliss and inner evolution Swami has developed the Art of Ascetics.

Swami Bhadraanand is a unique saint who has shown the world what spiritual siddhi like PARAKAYA PRAVESHANAM (Transmigration) is through his own life. The Prediction of 2004 Tsunami, honoured Swami with the Mother Teresa Award by the then Fisheries Minister Mr Dominic Presentation from the Government of Kerala. Mumbai Rotary Club honoured Swami with the Social Revolutionary Award in 2019. In 2019, Swami was honoured with the Doctor of Philosophy from the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA, for his rare Aura Mechanism and his unusual predictions. For his accurate predictions like the Kerala flood, Corona pandemic, actor Dileep’s controversy, Bineesh Kodiyeri’s arrest, Pinarayi Vijayan’s bickering and Narendra Modi’s hidden failures, Dr Swami Bhadraanand received the Unique Times excellency award for “The Prognosticator” in 2022, the Gokulam group of companies Chairman Shri Gokulam Gopalan presented the award to Swami Bhadraanand with the presence of Film Director Major Ravi and Pegasus Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi.

You may know Swami Bhadraanand’s name but not his story

Swami is against all the evils and injustices in society so he became the enemy of the wicked. Swami strived to educate people against the hatred and violence caused in the name of religion and politics. The vision he put forth was to bring harmony into human thoughts. For this, Swami maintained a healthy distance between devious religious leaders, fake political chieftains and gangsters. The invasion of leftist thoughts in Kerala has tried to keep away our spiritual masters and Swami Bhadraanand has proved them wrong through his findings. Swami stood with his people and preached to them about the light of universal truth and taught them about the real state of society. His training for the young minds is to be the torchbearers of a great India for the prosperity of the country. Swami imparted to the younger generation, not about religions and rituals but selfless service and dharma. Swami tried to convey to the world the truth that if we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us. There is no doubt that the heart of Swami is aimed at Dharma. His aims presented here are to enrich society through spirituality and make people walk through the path of social empowerment. But some anti-national media, politicians and administrators have not allowed Swami to do such things in Kerala. Swami teaches to live by upholding the essence of Sanatana culture regardless of caste and religion. Also, Swami gave society spiritual strength and revolutionary thoughts to break down the boundaries of caste and religion. But today’s society wants something else.

The anti-nationals of Kerala attacked Swami miserably, but Swami has no grudge against anyone. These cowardly criminals are not courageous like Swami and they will never fight directly with anyone. The attacking methods of these traitors are too strange and their art of attacking is sui generis. For example, if these grisly guys don’t get a virgin woman then they will fabricate a story against that innocent virgin and they will spread that the virgin is a prostitute. How can she convince society of her innocence if it happens like that? Is she able to walk down the road and scream that she is a virgin? This is what happened with Swami too. No one knows Swami totally except those who know Swami closely. Swami’s life story became a lesson for society to understand that no one should be judged by prejudice. If anybody opposes such anti-nationals they use their political and media influence to harm their enemies.

These backstabbers will hire criminals and apply their brains to hired criminals. Many creative media Goondas are available in Kerala, such media thugs are cheap and best. Just for one bottle of liquor or lump sum amount, they will do any filthy job professionally. With the help of these media goons, the anti-nationals will destroy their enemies’ reputations and image. Finally, with the help of police criminals, these anti-nationals will fabricate false cases against their enemies and destroy one’s life totally. The former DGP of Kerala Dr T. P. Senkumar himself admitted and told the media that there were “criminals” in his police department. According to the documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, 1,129 Kerala Police officers are facing criminal charges. However, a report submitted by the then DGP Loknath Behra to the State Human Rights Commission in 2018, stated that 387 police officers in Kerala are accused of criminal cases.

These are the nature of nefarious unholy police hooligans of the depraved police department of Kerala’s left government who tried to poratarise a righteous Swami as the wrong man. In Kerala, there is a saying, “if you are a social worker and due to your rebellious nature, if you have any criminal cases, then you must believe that you are on the right track and due to you the society is getting something good”. But they failed only in Swami’s case. The entire filthy gang who all worked against Swami were in an inferno, many lost their lives tragically. Now society is understanding the aftermath of spiritual power.

Swami’s strong and impartial stand to safeguard Sanatanis and protect their property, life and pride made Swami a controversial figure and an enemy of anti-nationals. Swami was imprisoned four times- not for money laundering, molestation, public annoyance or cheating. But only for his voice and action against the anti-nationalists and drug peddlers who were destroying the future of the youth and the country. Now Swami is a big challenge to the anti-nationals. Swami is facing serious threats from the extremists for his outspoken statements against the traitors’ activities. But some of the government officials who are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the people do not take any proper action against the traitors or do not provide proper protection or help to people like Swami. If people like Swami who works in the society without a salary and pension for the wellbeing of the country, do not get legal help from the government officials, then whom do these government officials help indirectly? Think!

As ordinary monks enjoy a very high level of happiness and detachment from the material world, they generally stay away from society. But Swami Bhadraanand’s spiritual master, Aghori Baba, reminded Swami of his duties to the motherland and convinced him to go to his native land. For Swami Bhadraanand, who believed that the Guru was everything, defying the Guru’s words was unthinkable for him. His Guru told, that Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Kerala are the four regions that pose a threat to our country and there are border force systems to protect the country from other regions except for Kerala. But there is no border force system to protect the country from Kerala; therefore, your task is very big and you should be like a border fire to protect the country, Guru said.

This made Swami think a lot. And his Baba pointed to a soldier who he saw on the way, and said to Swami, “Did you see that warrior? You should be like him who stands on the border without fearing the enemy’s attack, leaving even his family behind to protect his country and people, regardless of snow and sun, heat and humidity. He will have a salary and a pension and you will not get those two, but the power and blessings of me and God will still reside in you. You have that innate siddhi to predict and understand things, but others don’t have that. That siddhi which you got is meant to be a light to the world in darkness. That siddhi will be your guiding light when you are walking in the dark. First the ignorant will reject your knowledge, and then those who rejected you will come behind you. You will have to overcome many trials and those experiences will make you a strong fighter. No one can destroy you, and those who try to destroy you will be destroyed themselves.

Because, it is the sages who have sent you on this earth to establish dharma, and therefore the deities will come to your side to help you in various forms. A great nation awaits your service, and you must protect them. You go and protect your dharma, that is the guru Dakshina which you are giving to me”. The Swami remained silent for a while and meditated for several hours, and finally, after bowing his head at the feet of his Guru, Swami returned to his native land with the knowledge and miraculous achievements which he had acquired from the Himalayas. These words are from Swami’s autobiography, just wait to know about his unspeakable life story.


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