April 18, 2024
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Supreme Court Shreds Ekta Kapoor For “Polluting Minds Of Young Generation”

The producer Ekta Kapoor was severely criticised by the Supreme Court today for the “objectionable content” in her online series “XXX,” claiming that she was tainting the brains of the nation’s young population.
Ekta Kapoor’s appeal against the arrest warrants issued against her for allegedly disrespecting troops and harming their families in the web series that was broadcast on her OTT platform ALTBalaji was being heard by the Supreme Court.

“Something has to be done. You are polluting the minds of the young generation of this country. It is available to all. OTT (Over The Top) content is available to all. What kind of choice are you providing to the people? ….on the contrary you are polluting the minds of youngsters,” a bench of Justices Ajay Rastogi and CT Ravikumar said.

The Patna High Court has received a plea, but there is no prospect the case will be scheduled for hearing soon, senior counsel Mukul Rohatgi, who is representing Ekta Kapoor, said. This is when the court made the statement.

He claimed that Ekta Kapoor had already received protection from the Supreme court in a related case. According to Mr. Rohatgi, there is freedom of choice in this nation and that the content is subscription-based. The court then questioned what type of choice is being offered to people after deferring on imposing costs.

“Everytime you travel to this court….we don’t appreciate this. We will put a cost on you for filing such a petition. Mr Rohatgi please convey this to your client. Just because you can afford and hire the services of good lawyers….this court is not for those who have voices.

“This court works for those who don’t have voices…if these people who have all kinds of facilities, if they cannot get justice then think of the situation of this common man. We have seen the order and we have our reservations,” the bench observed. In his 2020 complaint, Mr. Kumar claimed that Season 2 of the series “XXX” contained multiple offensive scenes involving a soldier’s wife.

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