January 20, 2021

Sudan: military reach agreement with civilians

In Sudan, its military leaders have reached an agreement with its opposition alliance, the political group of civilians.

The military leaders have also agreed to grand around two-third of the total seats of the Legislative Council to the opposition alliance.

However, the dispute still remains intact in the issue of the distribution of seats in the Sovereign Council, with both the military and the civilians demanding a majority in the highest decision making body of the country, which is several folds stronger than the Legislative Council, which a two-third seats have been offered to the opposition alliance.

The African country is presently ruled by its military leaders since its civilian government was toppled by the military through a bloodless coup.

Since the day the civilian government was toppled, the country has been witnessing violent clashes demanding the reintroduction of a civilian government in the country.

The country is not now to violence. Like other African countries, it has also witnessed several violent clashes and disturbances in the recent past.

It seems that the International NGOs and the multilateral organisations in the regional and in the International level will help the country to reach a lasting peace deal.

Vignesh. S. G
Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright

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