October 17, 2021
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Socialists retain Spain

The ruling Socialists have retained Spain in the latest election held in the country. It is the third consecutive victory of Spain in the last 3 years. Unfortunately, in this election also, the party could not gain a simple majority in the parliament, through it has arrived as the largest party in the rulemaking house. The Socialists have secured nearly 27 per cent votes in the recent election. It will have to win the support of either its left wing partner Podemos and the regional parties including the Catalan separatist parties or the centre-right party to enter the corridor of power safely. The centre-right, which is the critic of the present president and the Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez, has already declared that it would not support the leftists. On the wake of this, the only option is to ensure the support of Pedemos and the regional parties including the Catalan separatist parties. The issue in that is that not many would support making a deal with the separatists. The deal may even adversely affect the prospects of the Socialists in the upcoming regional and European elections.

The rise of the far-rightist Vox and the fall of the PP are the two other major developments in the latest election.

For the first time since the fall of the dictatorial Spain, the far-rightist has won a seat in the parliament in the present election.

The PP, the centre-rightist party which once dominated the political hemisphere of Spain and was considered as the leader of the rightist camp, has been reduced to the half of what it wristed in the previous election.

As per a political expert’s view, the fear of the rise of the Vox is what has helped the Socialists to increase its seats in the parliament in this election, and the growing anger against the Catalan separatists is what has turned into votes in favour of the VOX in the election.

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