September 26, 2023
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Straining Indo-Male ties affect job opportunities


As many as twenty nine thousand Indians at present work and live in the small Island country of Maldives.

Until recently, the Indian government had a very good relation with the Island country’s government. But, the things changed rapidly. When the Maldivian President, Abdulla Yameen, imposed an emergency in the Island country, the Indian government reacted strongly, and advised for the de-escalation of tension. Anyway, not only the Indian move prompted the Male government to severe the decades old ties, but also it prompted the Island nation’s semi-authoritative government to move close to China.


An investigative report published in a leading national daily exposes that the Indians those who work and live in the Island country are being indirectly pressurised by the Male’s present regime to give up their jobs in the form of the cancellation of work permits and denial of work permit renewal applications.

The report also claims that apart from that Indian workforce which is at present the part of the Male workforce, the fresh jobseekers who aspire to be a part of the Male workforce also face serious discrimination and, thus, despair.   

Several people, who were offered job opportunities in Maldives before the worsening of the Indo-Male relation, have been denied the offer after the emergence of the issues between Delhi and Male.

Unfortunately, some of the job advertisements published to fill the job opportunities in the Island country, in the recent past, has clearly mentioned that Indians shall not apply for the posts as they may face trouble getting the work permit in the country.

How the problem can be resolved? Notably, several petitions and tweets have been submitted to the concerned authorities in India by those Indians who are directly affected due to the crisis.

Expert says both countries would benefit if the friendly relation are reinstated. He adds that India is a better partner for Maldives, than China.    


Vignesh. S. G

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