April 20, 2024

Still expensive games are ‘too far’ for poor

When the clinching sound of the medals attracted a customer to a pavement shop, he went towards it and bought a noodle. While having the noodle, he checked the medals that were pivoted in the pavement shop. Without much surprise, he asked the same question, which was asked by almost all customers, to the young land, who was busy working to prepare a delicious noodle for her next customer. For his surprise, without diverting the concentration from the noodle making, she admitted that she is a national level shooter and she owned all these medals. He may or may not think that she is trying to boost herself; but most certainly, he never knows it was her daily bread that she was earning from the shabby noodle shop. It is a semi-fictional writing, but you will definitely go through this experience when you visit Pushpa Gupta’s noodle shop in Gujrat. According to a hard heart, she had done a mistake, even though she belongs to a poor family background, she tried to explore her talent on an expensive game, which is supposed to be a game of elite class. The twenty one year old young lady had discovered her talent during her collage days; later, she joined the National Cadet Corps and started practicing the game. She had represented Gujrat for the national level games, and bought pride to the state along with these medals. When she completed her course, the NCC had ceased all the financial support for her practice. Eventually, she ended up as a noodle seller instead of becoming a prominent Indian shooter. Whom should we blame? She belongs to a constancy, which is represented by a women MP, and she resides in a state, which is ruled by a women Chief Minister; even more, our Prime Minster, who is introducing big plan for the women empowerment, is a Guajarati. While talking to a Media, Dinesh Kumar Gupta, her father, claims that the big words will be seen in the newspapers and the televisions. Questing the authenticity of the publicity stunt, he added that the political parties and leaders are not so keen to keep words. However, for last six month, this potential shooter has not touched a rifle. Still, she sticks on to her optimistic mind.


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