June 14, 2024


Unique Times

Here comes a brand new year, and I’m sure you all will have scores of new and revived resolutions in your kitty -half of it would rather wither out, as usual, amongst the hurdles of life. So, it’s important to 1) stay positive and to 2) stay focused, for us to achieve our desired goals. Good news is that optimism and staying focused are traits that we can develop on the go.

Several studies conducted across the globe has proved that optimists are physically and psychologically healthier than pessimists. Optimistic people are proven performers across any careers too. Being positive increases your life span for sure, and lowers the depression fits. It helps you manage your stress effectively; helps people around you to be happier; definitely brings better results at your work front; helps you with better marital relationships; have lesser diseases caused due to high stress; have more good friends; and enlarge your circle prolifically. However, it can be really hard to throw a positive outlook amidst negative people and struggling situations. It’s just that you need to learn how to flip negative thought crawling into your mind faster, before it engulfs your fortitude. You need to make a conscious effort. The first and foremost thing is to learn to count your blessings; make a Gratitude List. It might sound easy, but very difficult to execute whenever needed. Realize the strengths, skills, opportunities and assets you own now. Write it down or paste it on the wall, for you to read it every day. Gratitude is definitely one amazing way to stay positive in life. It is the healthiest and the most fruitful of all human emotions. In order to be grateful, you need to list out what you are thankful for. It might take days for you to complete the list; take others’ help also if needed, as at times you might not recognize some of your real blessings by yourself. Saying affirmative sentences aloud right after you get up helps you to start your day with a very positive note. Whatever you do, try to keep it up each and every day for at least 45 days without a break, so that it can become a habit. For example, if one of your resolution is to lose weight, it doesn’t happen overnight –you need to keep up the daily routine of exercising for weeks together until you see a small change. Hence being positive until you see the first signs of results is very essential.



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