May 23, 2024


Unique Times  

Try enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Having a Ferrari is not the only thing that can give you happiness. Seeing a baby laugh or hugging a loved one or having a sumptuously tasty meal, should be enjoyed with the same spirit. Being absolutely healthy; or having your beloved mother/grandmother beside you; having a job that fetches you monthly salary –there are hundreds of things you can add to your Grateful list. Don’t you think it would be absolutely impossible to be low and depressed when you have a long list of things to be grateful for? When you are trying to grow your dreams and goals, be mindful about the unwanted destructive weeds that breed with it. You might be breeding discontent, unhappiness, ungratefulness, hatred, cowardice or what not along with the good things that you cultivate. Always keep cutting down the weeds before it affects your positive-crops. Do not be in haste –if things happened the moment you wished for it, wouldn’t life be so boring? Take one day at a time; appreciate as life unfolds before you, as per your incessant persistent efforts on it. You don’t have to watch Charlie Chaplin or Tom and Jerry to have a good laugh –keep you mind open and engaged to things that makes you happy, especially laugh. Find ways. There are lot of things you need to have a look into for staying positive –dissect every area of your life and find out zones you need to change. Personalise it. Another person might not react or respond to a certain situation the way you do.

It is easy to take a decision, but it is extremely difficult to endure on it. While setting a goal, you know the drill –visualize the final outcome, do draw or write it out and post (like a Vision Board) where you can see it, mentally rehearse as if you already have achieved it. Ensure that you have a foolproof plan, with contingencies taken in account. Successful life coaches would ask you to mentally plan every night before. Let your subconscious mind sleep over it, and magnify the possibility in all realms. Constantly and relentlessly reminding yourself of the dream, the end result or ultimate goal, as well as the benefits of achieving that will help you much. Distractions affect your productivity. Block all the external noises out, deliberately. You need to then learn ways to stay focused, and not to get distracted with the temptations of life. Life will display a lot of attractive decoys and snares in disguise, especially in this new era of vanity. But need not warn you with the Danger sign along with it. There are time-wasters around –people and situations. Say a very firm, “No, Thank you”, to all those. Remember, you are out there fighting your own battle. And you are absolutely alone in this. Nobody can do anything for you more than yourself in the longer run. Focusing immaculately on your goal definitely the skeleton to success. Like we have discussed in the previous episodes, any skill is like a muscle, it takes time to train it and build it. You got to start that slowly with lesser loads and gradually increase it. Slowly breaking your comfort zone little by little, not giving your mind rest, until you have seen the ultimate Summit.

Reaching a goal that you have set is a drug, it’s an ecstasy, which would make you pine to set another ten more. It builds your confidence and mental strength. Helps you wade through the difficulties in life a bit easier. It makes you a more happy person, more Joyful than ever. Be happier than ever this 2019!


Dolly Neena 


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