May 28, 2022
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Slapped for speaking Hindi; Criticism against Prakash Raj for a scene in ‘Jai Bhim’

Jai Bhim, directed by TJ Gnanavel starring Surya, was released on Tuesday. The film, which was released through Amazon Prime, continues to receive mixed reviews. Actor Prakash Raj is being criticized on social media for a scene in the film.

The character played by Prakash Raj in the film has been criticized for beating up a Hindi-speaking person. Prakash Raj’s character is spoken to in Hindi by a man who beats him up and asks him to speak in Tamil. It is alleged that Prakash Raj is trying to spread anti-Hindi sentiment through this rumor.

Only in the Tamil and Telugu versions is the Hindi-speaking person beaten and told to speak in Telugu and Tamil respectively. But the Hindi dub of the film demands that you tell the truth. Jisha Vijayan is the heroine of Surya’s film. Produced by Surya himself under the banner of 2D Entertainment. Prakash Raj, Ramesh and Manikandan will also be seen in the lead roles.

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