December 1, 2021
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Skin Care Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is here. It is one of the most joyful seasons Kerala experiences. Nothing can give more happiness than murmuring sound of rain. And, the visual beauty of this nature’s gift is beyond describable. Everyone loves this magical experience. Don’t you think so?

Let’s come back to our topic. You need to take good care of your skin during monsoon as this season may do harm to your skin if you left your skin unattended.

In this edition, we try to explore this topic, and suggest some sensible tips to protect your skin during monsoon.

The magic of water

We see water everywhere during monsoon, but we often forget to use that magical liquid properly. It is important to wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day. That should be strictly followed during monsoon also.

More importantly, it is essential to make sure that you do not forget to adhere to your daily water intake target during this season. Usually, during monsoon, we don’t feel like drinking water. But, it doesn’t matter whether you feel or not. You should drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

Vegetables and Fruits are the Best

There are many vegetables and fruits which are only available during monsoon. If you miss the opportunity, you may have to wait for another monsoon to come to try those. Most of the monsoon fruits and vegetables are the good source of the vitamins and minerals we need during that season. Those are actually designed in that way by nature itself. There is a saying that no one other than nature knows better what her children want. So, don’t forget to try all monsoon fruits and vegetables available in your local area during this season.

Let your skin breathe a little

It is not necessary that you should fill your face with makeup always to make you look attractive and beautiful. It is your lack of confidence in you that pull you towards your makeup kit every now and then. In that sense, you are not applying makeup on your face, but on your mind – specifically, the part that deals with your confidence level. Monsoon is the best time to reduce your unnecessary reliance on your makeup kit. Let’s take a pledge this monsoon that we will try our best to distance ourselves from our makeup kits this season. Actually, it may do wonders on your skin. Don’t forget that your skin also need some space to breathe.

Don’t throw away your sunscreen

Most of us are not aware that sunscreen is not something which should be limited to a particular season, called summer, but is to be used all through the year – even during monsoon. Gloomy sky, cool temperature and continues rainfall do not mean that sun does not function in a monsoon day and it does not emit UV rays on that day. Actually, noting can stop sun from emitting UV rays and noting can stop that rays from reaching the earth. What happens in a monsoon day is that we do not feel we are attacked by the rays emitted by sun. So, you should not shy away from applying sunscreen during monsoon.

Enjoy Monsoon! Stay Healthy!

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