March 1, 2024
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Shocking! Head master booked for misbehaving with girl students

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In a shocking incident, a head master of a public school located few kilometres away from Hyderabad has been booked, under serious charges, including POCSO Act, as some of his girl students have come forward with the allegation that their headmaster has misbehaved with them.

The same head master, in the year 2015, was arrested in a similar sexual abuse case. That time also, his girl students were the ones who raised the allegation against him.

It is not clear how he has managed to continue in the service so far despite these serious allegations. It is reported that in the case registered against him in the year 2015, he acquired bail.

It is observed that the unfortunate incident might not have occurred, had the concerned department showed a bit more vigilance in assigning a job which requires close interaction with girl students to a person who faced a serious criminal charge of sexual abuse.        

The culprit is at present absconding. Several student leaders have demanded the immediate arrest of the culprit. It is said that the police department has taken all necessary steps to bring the culprit before justice at the earliest.

The incident exposes the lack of a proper system to prevent morally corrupted ones to assume a job as serious as that of a head master.


Vignesh. S. G

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