April 21, 2021
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The feminine strength in the fitness world

Fitness professional, Zumba trainer, she has achieved almost 10 qualified fitness graduations. She is a strong woman with many attributes as the Zumba trainer, coach of fitness trainers, Fitness faculty, etc. Here is an interview with Shiny Justine, owner of Just Shine family fitness studio, Fort Kochi.

shiny justine unique times

1.The transition from a regular housewife to a fitness professional. Can you share that experience with your readers?

The transition from a regular housewife to a fitness faculty was not immediate. After my pregnancy, my pelvis got separated and I was bedridden for eight months. A friend of mine, also a physiotherapist advised me some exercises and diet. Two months later, I started noticing a considerable improvement in my health. This led me to the thought that exercise along with a healthy lifestyle can be a cure to many ailments.

shiny justine unique times

2.Lifestyle diseases are something that plagues our society today. It is believed that exercise can cure this to a certain extend. What is your opinion about this?

This is a very meaningful question. Lifestyle disease in society is often the result of unhealthy lifestyle which includes lack of exercise and unbalanced eating habit. Ignorance and reluctance towards exercise can be underlined as one of the key reasons for lifestyle disorder/diseases. Adults need to teach and educate their children about the importance of exercise and eating healthy. In the past, there were many recreational activities for children both at school and at home. Both men and women were engaged in physical activities like household, working in farms etc. With the advent of the electronic age, these tasks began to be accomplished by the machines and the diseases of man increased. Food habits are another important factor, fizzy drinks and processed foods can be replaced with fresh juices and homemade food. Parents can engage in some form of physical games during their family time and speak to children about the importance of being physically active. Schools do have exercise as a part of their curriculum, however, the practical aspect of this should be checked on. Through these, we can build up a healthy generation and can keep the lifestyle diseases away.

shiny justine unique times

3.Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of Zumba dance, which is now becoming a trend in the public eye?

I am the first Zumba trainer in Kerala, certified from Bangalore. Once I entered the fitness field I was always curious and wanted to explore new forms of fitness. I came to know about Zumba when I was doing Aerobics, strength training Pilates etc. Nowadays its quiet easy to get a Zumba trainer certification, you need not have any basic qualification nor know the human anatomy. I have combined Zumba with other personalized programs. Personally, my view is that Zumba training is not good for people with obesity. It is just a dance-based program and may not be effective for everyone. There is no doubt that this is an entertainment program since you can dance with good songs. So if you love music and have some moves you enjoy it.

shiny justine unique times

4.Can you explain the topic ‘Women and Exercise’?

Exercise is an unavoidable part of your lifestyle. It is essential irrespective of gender. Infertility, thyroid issues, PCOD are also linked to lack of exercise and poor eating habits. All this can be controlled to some extent by exercise.

5.Gyms had been exclusively meant for men, until recently. Unisex gyms are common now. It is also said that muscles will be developed for women if they do workouts. What is the reality of this?

Unisex gyms have promoted fitness in our society. People are more broad-minded and we have couples and families coming to workout together. Coming to the point of ‘muscle build up in women’. All of us have muscles, the purpose of muscles is to support the skeletal system. The Muscle build-up in men is due to the action of the hormone testosterone. Women have a hormone called Estrogen, as long as this hormone exists in a balanced ration, women will not have muscles like men, other than toned muscles. A new trend seen is the emerging of women bodybuilders, male hormones are injected to promote building up of muscles. I would never encourage this.

6.What are the exercises that can be done during pregnancy?

I am one of those people who suffered a lot due to the lack of exercise during pregnancy. Pregnancy has been used as an excuse to require some rest and relaxation. In my opinion, you need to be mentally relaxed and fit when you start preparing for motherhood. Simple floor exercises can be done during the first three months. Then you can even do weightlifting with the help of a good trainer.

7.Hobbies and interests?

Music , music, music I would say. Since my profession requires me choreograph, I enjoy that as well. Reading and research is another hobby.

8.About your family?

My small happy family includes my husband and two daughters. My elder daughter studies Interactive media design in Canada and the younger one is doing her plus two in St. Teresa’s. I am glad that both my daughters are inclined towards the fitness field. Elder one enjoys yoga and younger one love to hit the gym every day. My husband is doing a hardware business. He is my inspiration and support.

shiny justine unique times

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