October 20, 2021
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Opinion: The Final Days of Venezuelan Socialists

The socialist regime of Venezuela, it seems, is in its final lap. What hunts the regime at this stage is its infightings. Most close aides of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro are desperate to reach a deal with the US, which is at the door step of the country with its full force. The prominent among them is Diosdado Cabello, who is considered by many as the most powerful leader of the socialist country after its supremo. What the leaders like Mr Cabello attempts to gain from the US is an assurance that they will not be punished for the wrongs they have committed.

Hearing Mode

It seems that the US is at present in the hearing mode. It listens to anyone and everyone who wish to talk. It has recently listed to the demands of many Venezuelan socialist leaders, apart from Mr Cabello. Unsurprisingly, the demands of most are similar in character. Most want impunity. They cannot even think of going to prison for the crimes they have committed. Whether the US will give any such assurance or not is no clear at this moment. So far, none has received a clear assurance in this matter from the US.

The Impending Fall

The fall is certain. The US has already announced an alternative leader for the country. The US sanction makes it difficult for the country at present even to breath. The Socialist country can no longer live like this. Already, the people of the country have turned against the regime. It is on the shoulders of the country’s military that the regime now stands. No regime can stand like this for long. No military can keep their regime like this for ever. People are the ultimate deciding factor. In Venezuela, people struggle hard even to obtain a bottle of water at present. A large number of Venezuelans has already left for neighbouring countries due to the worse economic condition.

The Solution

No peace is possible with the socialist regime in the corridor of power in Venezuela. It is better to wait until the socialists leave by themselves. Any kind of external intervention will only help to put more burdens on the head of the embattled people of Venezuela.

The Well-Known Secret

Venezuela is an oil rich country. The oil export sector is the backbone of its economy. It was the decrease in the oil price in the International market that brought the first blow to the country of Venezuela. The reduction of the oil price and the country’s unsystematic spending on the welfare schemes inflicted irreversible damage to its economy. For last few years, the country has been living under the clutches of severe inflation. The indigestible fact is that even during the period of trouble, even when the country’s citizens was starving, the socialist regime has made sure that their soldiers are abundantly fed and their leaders do not experience any financial difficulty.

Venezuelans deserve a better life, free from all the odds that trouble its political, social and economic sectors.

Vignesh. S. G
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