July 24, 2021
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Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to achieve one’s financial goals. However, Indians have a strange love-hate relationship with the stock market and just 1.5 percent of our populace invests in equity markets.

When the states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh see many active traders entering the trading scene, Keralities have mostly shied away, barring very few exceptions. When it comes to investments, they have been reluctant to go beyond the staple of fixed deposit, real estate and gold.
Today, the state is emerging as a forerunner for making the stock market education universal, thanks to the efforts of the start-up MaverixPro.
Founded by David Carmel Alex, a financial analyst who hails from Kollam in Kerala, MaverixPro comprises of a young and dynamic team who aids in offering a hassle free trading experience. The company, steered by David and his buddies Muhammed Sajid, Abdul Basith, Sethu Lakshmy and Mohammed Mustafa, all in their thirties, is setting a new benchmark in the industry by making stock trading accessible for all.
MAVERIXPRO Uniquetimes
David developed a penchant for stock trading from his early years. He has seen his father, a businessman in Saudi Arabia, trade and book profits. In the later years, his work experience with some of the leading trading firms helped and some of the stocks he owned proved multibaggers.
With his specialized knowledge and experience in trading, David is confident that stock market education would enable more youngsters to make it a parallel income stream and reach their financial goals at a faster pace. The MaverixPro Office at HiLITE Business Park, Calicut, is a scene of brisk activity. The high-tech trading floor, equipped with over 100 analysts who are adept at advanced hedging strategies and algorithms supported by machine learning advancements, being the highlight.
MAVERIXPRO Uniquetimes
Just as any other online communication platform, MaverixPro has been much sought after during this pandemic as economic woes and hunt for new income streams spurred people to find time to learn and invest. During this period MaverixPro has seen a surge in demand, particularly among younger, less experienced investors.
“Demystifying the trading process has been our biggest challenge. People also hesitate to invest in stocks for many reasons. It could be fear of incurring loss, lack of knowledge, lack of patience and skill, poor service from advisories and brokers, lack of proper financial education etc.” says David.
MAVERIXPRO Uniquetimes
And now it isn’t just the urbanites who are interested in stock markets. MaverixPro’s diverse clientele include small town investors as well. “People from small towns are showing increasing interest in stock trading and this is indeed a positive trend as it leads to socioeconomic transformation. Slowly, some of them are diversifying their investments rather than sticking onto traditional, conventional fixed savings avenues”.
“At MaverixPro, we create a portfolio for our investors once they trust us with their money. Our traders, based on their experience in the industry, analyze companies on the basis of their track record and performance. Investments are made in a select basket of shares of promising companies. Portfolio managers assist investors when they say they aren’t knowledgeable enough or don’t find time to research and track their financial investments”.
MAVERIXPRO Uniquetimes
The firm also provides classes to trading enthusiasts and aims to create a platform where traders can communicate with each other making it a live and interactive space.
The women who have for long settled for domesticity forsaking their career goals find a savior in MaverixPro. Their dream of becoming financially independent can now be realized through trading. “Many of them come to us wanting to make a fresh start, to pursue something worthwhile that could be mentally satisfying, yet at the same time giving them a strong financial footing with a sense of achievement. Some of them become quite successful at it proving that number crunching isn’t just the men’s domain. Many working professionals also come to us wanting to make a parallel income from the stock market.”
A family man, David loves spending time with his family. His wife Rossanna Sebastian and son Alix Mikyle Carmel David make sure that he’s high on the happiness quotient. When asked about his future plans, pat came the reply. “Retail banking sector is an area where we would like to enter next. Also, we would like to bring financial education, retail banking and brokerage services under a single umbrella”


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