June 24, 2024
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Sanjay may be released ahead of proposed releasing date

sanjay dutt

The Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt may be released by the Maharashtra government ahead of the proposed releasing date.
Reports say that the actor will be released on coming February 27 from the jail. A government source said that the authorities reduced his sentence term after considering his good behaviour in the prison. The fifty-six year old actor was jailed in an arms case related to the Mumbai blast case. Currently, he is in the Yerwada jail in Pune.
Earlier in 2013, the Supreme Court of India had rejected the pardon petition filed by the actor. Followed by that the pardon application was submitted to the Maharashtra Governor; later, the Governor had denied to grand pardon to the actor, after accepting the Maharashtra government statement that strongly disagree the pardon. According to a statement released by the Maharashtra government, the pardon will taint the existing law and will give a bad message to the public, so, an exception should not be given to the actor.
Earlier, Medias reported that, a VIP treatment was given to the actor by the jail authorities. The report had paved the way for some heated public discussion on the VIP treatments of Indian law system. A source claims that the frequent jail break of the actor can be considered as the strong example of the VIP treatment, which is allegedly given to the actor by the government. According to a report, he had spent around hundred days out of the prison between the year 2013 and 2014.
On 2007, the Actor was sentenced to six year in Prison for acquiring weapons from the Mumbai blast attackers.
The terrible Mumbai blast had killed around 257 innocent people and left around hundreds badly injured.


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