February 26, 2024
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Salman Khan’s lawyer alleges that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang has threatened to kill him

A lawyer for star Salman Khan in a lawsuit involving blackbuck poaching in this country stated that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang had threatened the lawyer with death.

Hasti Mal Saraswat has received a threat letter; the police have launched an inquiry to determine the veracity of the message and have sent a policeman to be with him for security. The Punjab Police are now holding Lawrence Bishnoi, who is a suspect in the death of the Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala.

The criminal had previously threatened to kill Salman Khan for killing a blackbuck that was precious to his clan. In his police report, Saraswat claimed that on July 3, a threat letter was discovered in the Jubilee Chamber of the High Court, which houses legal offices.

According to the complaint, Lawrence Bishnoi and his assistant Goldy Brar’s names were initialised on the letter. An “enemy’s buddy is their first enemy,” it added, adding that the lawyer would meet Sidhu Moosewala’s fate.

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