June 8, 2023
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‘Burger taste like human flesh’; Award for the bizarre idea

We know that non-vegetarian food is very popular. There are probably more non-vegetarians than vegetarians in the world. When we say non-veg, it includes various types of meat like chicken, beef and so on. And many fishes come in it.

But we never think about eating human meat. There are those among us who think like this. But science itself does not consider psychology to be such a healthy state.

Anyway, a burger released in the name of human meat has caught the attention of the world today. It is not actually prepared using human flesh. But it’s a ‘vegan’ burger that tastes just like human flesh. That is, a burger prepared with only vegetarian ingredients that can be eaten by vegetarians (Vegetarian Food).

A Swedish company called ‘Oomph’ is behind this strange idea. They launched this burger for the first time last ‘Halloween’. ‘Halloween’ is a festival celebrated in the belief that the spirits of the dead return home.

The ‘human meat’ burger received mixed reactions from consumers at the time. The burger is made with soy, mushroom, wheat protein, vegetable fat and a secret spice blend. Now an award has arrived for this burger at the ‘Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022’. The company itself announced this through social media. This is how many people hear about a burger like this.

A lot of people object to marketing the burger in this way. They ask why its taste is compared to human flesh and what is the feeling. There are many who undoubtedly confirm that it is a mean method. There are also those who ask how to eat this. But few are interested in it.

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