June 20, 2024
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SAD to contest alone in Haryana

Upsetting the Saffron camp, the Shiromani Akali Dal has decided to contest in the Indian state of Haryana alone.

Recently, its lone MLA in the state joined the BJP, reducing the political clout of the SAD in the state.

Haryana, though situated close to Punjab – where the SAD is a significant presence, is not a conductive state for the kind of politics, which the Panjabi party stands for.

In Haryana, the BJP is a powerful force. It is the party which rules the state. Even in this juncture also when the state is at the doorstep of a crucial election, the party does not face any serious threat like anti-incumbency in the state.

Notably, in the state, the SAD enjoys the support of the Sikh community, which is actually a minority community in the state.

A political expert says that the latest decision of the SAD is a calculated move to prevent the shift of the loyalty of the Haryana Sikh community from the SAD to the BJP. The expert adds that the SAD fears the widening popularity of the BJP among the Haryana Sikh community.

The expert further adds that the present measure is just a state specific measure and is less likely to reflect in the Punjab political hemisphere – where the BJP and the SAD are inseparable friends and same coalition partners.

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