May 29, 2024
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RSS seeks priority to mother tongue over foreign language …

While our country is flooding with numerous English media schools, a prominent right wing organization, RSS, had sought priority to the mother tongue; at least in the primary education level. The controversial, regional friendly, statement was given by the RSS supremo, Mohan Bhagwat, while he was addressing a gathering in Vidya Bharati Educational Institute; which was celebrating the silver jubilee function. Bhagwat claims that it will be easy for learning if the classes are narrated in the mother tongue. While explaining the difficulties, he further asserts that it is impossible for a child to pick up the foreign language, particularly in his early childhood.  Throughout his speech, he mentioned some life histories of several individual who had achieved a bright future even though they were educated in the native languages.  However, he avows that he is not antagonistic to the foreign language. Meanwhile, he claims that Hindi is growing in our country, and it is providing a unity feeling.  While apprising the audience about Vidya Bharati, he described about the importance of the ‘Cultural-Based’ education. It seems the RSS leader has yet again triggered a controversial statement; earlier, his reservation-statement had earned flak from all corners. Recently, he suggested that the center government should reconsider the reservation quotas. Later, he had backed away from the statement.


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