January 24, 2022

Renault Duster AMT

The rest of the Duster drives the same as it used to. The Duster has impeccable ride quality that is a boon on broken roads. It simply glides over potholes better than any car twice its price. The steering feels a little lifeless but the car has friendly driving manners. Brakes are adequate too for the most part. The All Wheel Drive variant comes with independent rear suspension, which further improves ride quality and driving dynamics. Sadly, you have to choose between AMT or AWD when picking up a Duster.


So should one buy one? Well, the combination of a soft riding SUV with diesel engine and automatic transmission is hard to beat and the Duster AMT is the cheapest diesel automatic SUV that you can buy. Plus; it is as economical as the manual variant and if the gearbox proves to be reliable over time, you would not go wrong with one of these.



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