May 25, 2024

Regular use of ‘Aspirin’ may lead to serious health issues


Aspirin is a common drug used to treat cardiovascular patients. Most of those patients who regularly consume this drug are oldies.

A new study report has stated that the regular use of this medicine may lead to serious health problems in the old people.

It has been discovered that those who regularly consume this drug may suffer gastrointestinal bleeding.

The gastrointestinal bleeding is a serious disease condition. It has the potential to create several disastrous consequences.

It is advised that those who are using this medicine regularly at this moment without the proper guidance of a qualified medical practitioner should consult a doctor at the earliest to seek their proper advice.

Some use this medicine to treat fever, pain and inflammation. It should not be recommended to use this medicine to treat those diseases which can be effectively treated with harmless medicines.

In short, don’t consume any medicine regularly without the guidance of a doctor.


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