May 28, 2023
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Opposition parties set to meet in parliament to discuss ‘CJI Impeachment’


A day after the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, rejected several petitions seeking an independent probe into the mysterious death of special Central Bureau of Investigation Judge B H Loya, the opposition parties, under the leadership of the Congress and Leftist parties, has decided to meet in the parliament to discuss the possibility of bringing an impeachment motion against the CJI.

As per a latest media report, the leaders of the opposition parties will meet at the Leader of Opposition’s chamber in the lawmaking house.

It is assumed that though the Congress Party, the National Congress Party and the Leftist parties are in favour of the proposal to launch an impeachment motion in the lawmaking house, some other opposition parties are still sceptical about such a move.

Anyway, it is learned that in the scheduled meeting, the leaders of the opposition parties will also discuss the possibility of constituting a larger opposition front against the BJP to defend the potential saffron trump in the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections.

Political expert claim that the issue of Justice Loya has given the opposition parties a justifiable reason to come together in a single platform.

Will the Saffron Party launch an independent investigation into the death of Justice Loya in order to overcome the pressure exerted by the opposition parties over the issue?


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