May 28, 2022
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Recommendation to homosexual lawyer; Decision comes at the end of 4 years of uncertainty

The Supreme Court has recommended that a gay lawyer be made a judge of the Delhi High Court due to uncertainties. The Supreme Court has directed the Central Government to appoint Saurabh Kripal, a senior advocate for gay rights, as a judge.

Can a homosexual become a judge? It has been a smoking question in the judiciary for some time now. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that homosexuality is not a criminal offense, the Supreme Court itself was adamant in accepting it. Although it was years late to finally end the uncertainties, the Supreme Court collegium unanimously made that decision. Senior advocate Saurabh Kripal has been recommended to the Central Government for appointment as a judge

Geeta Mittal, who was the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court in October 2017, first recommended the name of Saurabh Kripal, who lives with a foreign gay partner. The decision was then postponed by the Supreme Court. Later, the same issue came before the collegium twice in 2019. Justice SA Bobde, who arrived as the Chief Justice, wrote to the Center seeking a clear position on the appointment.

It was later reported that Saurabh Kripal’s partner had a security problem as he was a foreigner. Saurabh Kripal had told the media that his sexual interest was a hindrance. The Supreme Court has overturned the decision of the collegium headed by Chief Justice NV Ramana to ban homosexuals.

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