September 26, 2022
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Rapid raise of Covid cases; Restrictions to be implemented strictly in Kozhikode

With the amount of Covid cases skyrocketing in Kozhikode over the past few days, the district administration has decided to impose strict restrictions within the district once more from Monday.

At the present, there are 4,671 active cases within the district. Of the 6,375 new cases reported within the district within the last four days, 6,086 were infected locally. the increase in cases may be a cause for concern because the health department is already struggling to tend to the patients who are under treatment.Out of the entire cases, more positive cases were reported from the town corporation limit forcing the authorities to implement more curbs within the area. Among the three major clusters identified, two are within the corporation limit. Five of the nine critical containment areas also are within the area.
Meanwhile, the weekly test positivity rate within the district, that was at four per cent, shot up to five.8 within the second week of September, 7.8 within the 3rd week and shut to 10 per cent now.
District Collector Seeram Sambasiva Rao said, “The statistics clearly show that there’s a rapid hike within the viral infection within the district, mainly within the city area. The doctors are already struggling to supply enough care to the patients under treatment. Though more CFLTCs have started functioning, the amount of symptomatic cases is additionally on the increaseduring this scenario, stringent regulations should be introduced, failing which, there’ll be a serious community spread and therefore the health care system will collapse”.
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