November 30, 2023
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Radhe Maa triggers another controversy


Popular self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa is not new to controversies. In the past, she has several times gained the media attention through the controversies.

But, the new controversy is very special as it puts one of the most controversial forces in our country in deep trouble.

Imagine a scene like this ‘when one enters a police station to file a complaint he/she see a godwoman sitting in the chain designated to the Station House Officer instead of the officer’.

How will you react if you are the one who approaches the station to file the complaint? No sensible person can hold their temper and dissatisfaction if he/she confronts such a situation.

Anyway, the pictures circulating in the social medias clearly depicts how the policemen of a Delhi police station without bothering the value of the uniform and the dignity of the place they sit, when they see a godwoman by chance, turn into a mere devotee by standing beside the self-styled godwoman folding hands obediently and singing devotional songs devotionally.

Anyway, the Delhi police have ordered an enquiry into the issue that has embarrassed the whole police department.

The big question is: don’t the common people who approach the police station also deserve such a kind of respect which the people have wholeheartedly given to the godwoman, who, indeed, face some serious criminal case proceedings?  


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