February 26, 2024

Improper food combinations disturb digestive system: Medical Researchers


There are certain notions associated with the food combinations. Though some of them are irrational, the fact is that some of them do have adequate logic.

Is it good to eat a non-vegetarian protein with another non-vegetarian protein? Some say them it is not healthy to eat fish and curd together. Is there any logic in it? Both these food items are technically non-vegetarian proteins. In that sense, there is some logic. So, it is true that there is an element of logic in certain notions associated with the food combinations.

Experts say that most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are consumed are not often get absorbed because the right combination of these elements is needed to perform this action.

Experts add that the improper combinations might create digestion related problems and other similar difficulties.

It is always good to consult a medical expert who has knowledge in this field, preferably an experienced nutritionist, if you feel that there are some mistakes in the food combinations that you regularly consume.


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