February 24, 2024

Porsche 718 Boxster


Driving with the top down makes it even better. As in any convertible, the gush of wind heightens the sensation of speed and you’d never be left wanting for more power. In the Boxster however, it makes you feel more connected to the road and yearns you to drive even faster. You are much more aware of the surroundings and that adds to the overall experience. You can also hear more of the engine which pops and crackles on the overrun adding to the drama of the already purposeful flat four note. The 2.5 litre motor with its 350bhp and 420Nm will be even more mental, but Porsche won’t be offering that here initially.



It is as much fun driving this thing as it is to park it by the side of the road and enjoy its looks. It is also a time when you can reflect on how much of a car it is for the price. It is one of the best driver’s car in the country and also among the best looking. The car is an eye ball magnet especially in this Guards Red flavour.


Yes, cars like the Mustang offer more size and a big V8 engine around the same price but lacks the dynamics, performance, badge value and perfection this one has. The Boxster is targeted at a different class of buyer, one with finesse and possesses better driving skills. It is about the right size and so easy to drive on narrow roads. The Boxster is also more practical than you think, with its hood and boot, both offering sufficient cargo space. With the smaller engine, it is more efficient and thanks to the lower imports structure, it is a better value than ever. With ex.showroom prices starting around Rs.85 lakhs, you can’t do better than a 718.







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