February 4, 2023

Poor, but Rich: Burkina Faso

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The aforementioned is not just the story of the unpleasant exit of the greatest leader the country has even seen, but also the story of the death of those sincere efforts aimed at rewriting the destiny of this land. If this land lacks happiness, peace and basic resources like food and water, need not to look anywhere else for the answer. It is in the aforesaid paragraph itself.

Though confused, the people of this land now know what they are facing now is the natural outcome of their own deeds. Yet, they are not ready to ditch hope. That confidence deserves appreciation. The people of this land now look tourism as an opportunity to regain what they missed due to their ignorance in the past. This time, they are a bit more vigilant, it seems.

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Bobo-Dioulasso, Arli National Park, W National Park, Ouagadougou, Gorom Gorom, Sindou, Lake Tangrela and Ziniare are the main tourist attractions of this country.

Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in the country, is the most popular tourist location. It attracts all kind of travelers alike. It is where travelers normally go to enjoy nightlife. Live music and dance performances are the prime attractions here.

Arli National Park is a beautiful wildlife park. Hippos, monkeys and African wild dogs are the common animals found here.

W National Park is another famous park located in the country. It is popular for the presence of migratory birds. It is known as bird watchers’ heaven. Numerous migratory birds visit this heaven every year. The park authorities arrange trekking trips for the visitors. It is worth participating in these trips.



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