July 12, 2024
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Pollachi sex scandal jolts the political hemisphere of Tamil Nadu

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A sex scandal case of alleged sexual assault and blackmailing of scores of women in Pollachi by a criminal group alleged to have close relation with the ruling party of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu AIADMK has violently jolted the political hemisphere of the poll-bound state.

Most opposition parties, especially the DMK and MDMK, have come out strongly, alleging that the ruling party is trying to protect the culprits.

Interestingly, an attempt has been made to create an impression that the culprits have close relation with a senior leader of the AIADMK.

Meanwhile, as per the ruling’s opinion, the AIADMK is the first political party which has demanded strong action against the culprits.

The AIADMK has alleged that the opposition’s attempt is to politicise the case to malign the image of the ruling party.

The police authorities have arrested only four people so far in connection with the case. One of these four has close connection with the ruling party. He has been removed from the office-bearer post he was handling.

The opposition has demanded that more serious investigation should be launched in the case. An opposition leader has pointed out that the arrestees alone could not commit a crime of this depth.


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