June 27, 2022
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Police say revenge for denying love is behind the fire that killed seven people in Madhya Pradesh

Police say revenge for denying love is behind a fire that killed seven people in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. A young woman living in a three – storey flat, was attacked by a young man, Sanjay Dixit’s in retaliation for refusing to love him.

The woman’s scooter, which was parked in the parking area of ​​the flat, caught fire yesterday morning and it later spread to the flats. Police say the death toll was higher because people were asleep. The young woman, who denied love, reportedly escaped the accident. Indore police said the arrest of the accused was recorded.

The incident took place at around 3.10 am yesterday. The fire broke out at a building located in the Swarn Bagh Colony in Indore. The fire broke out while the family was asleep. Two of the dead were women. Nine people were rescued. Government of Madhya Pradesh An assistance of Rs 4 lakh has been announced for the families of the deceased. The district administration said it was investigating the incident further.

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