September 23, 2023
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PM Modi to meet US President Trump next week

At this juncture of history in which the speculation over the instability in the Indo-US relation is rife, the United States and India are attempting to bring the heydays of Indo-US bilateral relation back by scheduling a high-level meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump. The Indian supremo is set to embark to the crucial three-country-visit on 24 June. In this trip, the PM will visit Portugal, the United States and Netherlands. According to the latest report, the PM will reach Portugal on 24 June and he will embark to the US on the same day from there. The PM, as per the report, will reach the US on June 24 evening. On the final day of the trip,27 June, our PM will spend at Netherlands.

As per the observer’s assessment, this trip will be one of the most productive and most anticipated trips in the recent political history of the country. On his way back to India after the crucial trip, the PM will have to take several assurances along with him if he wishes to give good news to his citizens. In the current scenario, the Indian population living in the US and the citizens who wish to embark to the US in search of a well-paid job are facing huge hindrances due to the Trump’s America First policy. The defence partnership, counter-terrorism cooperation and the coordination in the Indian Ocean region will be the prime subjects of the Indo-US high-level meeting. At this moment, it is not clear whether the visa regulation will be discussed or not.Anyway, the opposition and the Indian population demand that the Indian PM should express our country’s concerns over the US’ environment policy and visa policy.








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