March 25, 2023
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PM Modi meets BJP CMs, urges them to get ready for upcoming polls


While meeting the Chief Ministers of those states ruled by the BJP, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has urged them to get ready for the upcoming polls.

The present year and the year after this year are very crucial for the BJP, which is very keen to secure a second consecutive term in the central office. In this year, the crucial assembly elections are going to happen in some states, particularly in those states which the BJP considers as their powerhouse. In the next year, the country is likely to witness a general election.

In the meeting, the PM has advised the BJP Chief Ministers to show more enthusiasm in meeting the targets of the flagship programs and to strengthen the welfare programs intended to benefit the poor, marginalised and downtrodden.

The CMs has presented their performance reports in the meeting to demonstrate how far they succeeded in taking the BJP’s vision forward through their governance.

The sensitive subject of simultaneous election, which is presently under the consideration of the parliamentary standing committee On Law and Justice, has also been discussed in the meeting, which held at the BJP’s new headquarters, along with the subject of health insurance.


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