July 18, 2024
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Plus Two student commits suicide in Chennai; Teacher arrested

A teacher has been arrested in connection with the suicide of a Plus Two student in Coimbatore. The student committed suicide after being called a special class and repeatedly sexually abused. Protests by student and women’s groups continue, demanding the arrest of the school principal who tried to cover up the incident.

Last Thursday, the child committed suicide due to mental stress. The teacher raped the student by calling her a special class after texting and making friends. He sexually abused the child for months. Following the news of the sexual harassment, student and women’s organizations began agitating for the teacher’s arrest. The arrest of the teacher who was in custody yesterday was recorded today. He was produced in court and remanded in Coimbatore Central Jail.

The mother of the dead girl said that although the principal was informed of the abuse, the principal blamed the child. The principal also advised not to divulge the information. Protests continue demanding the arrest of the principal as well.

The protest was led by SFI, Democratic Women’s Association, Dravidarvituthalai Kazhakam and Thantai Periyar Dravidar Kazhakam. Actor Kamal Haasan said the incident was shocking. Haasan also demanded that those responsible for the child’s death be punished.

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