May 26, 2024
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Indian students face tremendous pressure, proves data

Indians love to educate their children. We put our aspirations over their head. We feel pride when they achieve success. Are we doing the right thing? Aren’t we trying sabotage their dreams by injecting our dreams into their head? Why are we not yet capable of developing an academic system which helps the students to find their dreams and the way through which the dreams can be fulfilled? It is good to live in a well-educated society which possesses a good value and culture system. Is the present education system providing anything to achieve this actual goal of education? The National Crime Records Bureau reveals that nearly 40000 students have committed suicide from 2011 to 2015 in our country. The shocking fact is that in the same statistics it is revealed that over 8934 such suicides have happened in 2015 alone. Unfortunately, our country is one of the top ranked countries in terms of the number of youth suicide cases. Notably, the Indian youth population aged between 15-year-old to 29-year-old are extremely vulnerable to pressure and thus suicide. Kota, where the IIT aspirants gather for their entrance coaching purpose, has become the hub of the suicide. Who are actually responsible? Is allocating more funds to tackle the depression enough? What else can government do? Experts say that we should not let our youth population fall under the clutches of pressure and depression and thus suicide. It is true that in our country the opportunities are very less and the competition is very high. It is good to remember the adage that only those who have the courage to face the failure deserve success.


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