June 20, 2024
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Play Safe and Healthy Holi This Festive Season

Who doesn’t love to play with colors? This year the Internation Women’s Day and the Indian Color Festival Holi fall on the same day- 8th March 2023.

The celebration is observed with water, balloons, and colourful decorations according to Indian customs and traditions, and it takes place in the “Phalgun” month.  The celebration is renowned for eradicating any grudges from the past. We must not neglect safety while we get ready to joyfully paint our loved ones with colour and dance to Bollywood tunes.

People have become increasingly aware in recent years of some of the health risks associated with the hazardous chemicals utilised during the festival. Our eyes and skin become infected when synthetic colours are used, which causes problems with the skin.

Let’s make the most of Holi by using environmentally friendly goods. Becoming organic is the way to go. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Holi safely and joyfully:

  • Use Natural Colors

The compounds in synthetic colours are very dangerous. In light of this, you can use natural dyes such as henna, turmeric, sandalwood, beetroot powder, and others. Your skin or hair won’t get hurt from these. They work nicely for the purpose and are simple to remove.

  • Holi Flowers

Did you know that decayed flowers make excellent organic soil fertiliser? Play a calm game of Holi using scented flowers rather than damaging the environment. The use of flowers is tranquil and has a soothing effect on the psyche, as opposed to bothering friends and forcing play with them.

  • Avoid Wastage of Water

The current situation calls for water conservation. Many locations are experiencing a water deficit and shortages. Eliminate water waste by playing Holi dry. You can refrain from spraying people with water using pichkaris.

  • Holi Bonfire

One can burn eco-friendly rubbish for the Holi bonfire instead of utilising precious wood by felling trees, which won’t pollute the environment. To light up, use materials like camphor, coconut trash, and cakes made from cow dung. This Holi festival, make a commitment to preserve trees and maintain a better environment.

After the celebrations are over, take a shower rather than often bathing or cleaning your face in between events. Your skin and hair may become dry if you use soap and shampoo frequently.

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