May 27, 2024
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Phone numbers of 14 world leaders leaked; New revelation in the Pegasus controversy

More revelations in the phone leak using the Israeli agency NSO’s spy software Pegasus. According to a new media report published by the Inquiry Series, the phone numbers of 14 world leaders and the NSO have been found in a list believed to have been leaked. The Pegasus list also includes the number of French President Emmanuel Macron and the phone number of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Diplomats from 34 countries, military chiefs and senior politicians are on the Pegasus watch list.

According to media reports, Morocco observed Emmanuel Macron. World leaders on the Pegasus list are reported to have the phone numbers of 10 prime ministers and three presidents. According to French independent news site Forbidden Stories, more than 20 media outlets and agencies around the world are behind the Pegasus news series.

At the same time Pegasus announced an investigation in France into media revelations. The prosecution announced the probe on a complaint by news portal Mediapart and two journalists. This follows the revelation that the Moroccan intelligence agency was monitoring journalists in the media port. Ten issues are being investigated, including whether there is a breach of privacy. It is alleged that the media personnel in the media port were monitored between 2019 and 2020.

At the same time, Parliament is still embroiled in controversy over the Pegasus phone leak in India. Opposition groups called on the government to explain whether Pegasus had bought spyware. The Prime Minister today accused the Opposition of spreading lies due to frustration over the defeats.

Parliament is at a standstill for the second day in a row over the Pegasus phone leak controversy. When the Opposition repeatedly asked whether Pegasus had been bought, Prime Minister Narendra Modi retorted that everything was false propaganda.

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