September 26, 2021
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Parliament’s monsoon session begins today


The monsoon session of the Indian Parliament has begun today, giving enormous stress to both the opposition and ruling alike.

In this session, the government is likely to face two challenges mainly: the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson Election and the Telugu Desam Party’s non confidence motion.

A couple of days before, the opposition parties met at the national capital to formulate the strategy they would during the Parliament’s monsoon session.

Likewise, the ruling party and its allies also convened a high level meeting to formulate a plan to defend the ruling’s position.

At present, the ruling front’s priorities are dam safety bill, DNA profiling bill and higher education reformation bill. It also aims to replace nearly six crucial ordinances with bills.

This monsoon session will be the toughest parliament session of the ruling saffron regime, given the fact that the opposition, this time, are more confident and united.

The big question now is: who will be the Deputy Chairman candidate of the opposition front. So far, no information has been released, confirming that the opposition has reached a consensus in the issue of candidate.

The ruling party has also not spoken out its mind when it comes to the candidate for the Deputy Chairman post.


Vignesh. S. G

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