September 25, 2022

Parents’ quarrels affect their children: Study


Married couples often confront disagreements. Their disagreements usually turn into heated arguments.

Some say that quarrels are necessary for the stability of relationships. It is usually noticed that the internal bonding in couples strengthens after each and every quarrel, though vice versa is also observed.

Is quarrel a good thing? It is widely perceived that to an extent, the quarrels between a husband and his wife are defiantly good for their healthy and sound relationship.       

But, a new study has found that parents’ quarrels negatively affect their children. As per an expert, children keenly observer their parents. The expert adds that those children coming from unhappy families (the type of families in which parents’ quarrel is a usual phenomenon) often show poor academic parents, brain development and emotional stability. They further add that actually it is quarrel that makes children vulnerable to the aforementioned adversaries.

A mental expert advises that parents must make sure that they don’t exceed the healthy limit of arguments. He adds that they must try to make quarrels less frequent by finding new options to deal with disagreements. He further adds that they must make sure their children are not listening to their arguments when they choose this option over other to resolve the disagreement between them.


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