April 13, 2024
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Pakistani journalist slapped young man’s face during live reporting

A video of a young Pakistani female journalist slapping a man on the face for allegedly misbehaving during live reporting is going viral on social media. A journalist who was reporting on the Bali festival holiday beat up the young man for allegedly behaving indecently. The video, which was posted on Twitter on Monday, has been viewed by more than 400,000 people. Pakistan’s famous journalist Meira Hashmi beat the young man.

The journalist is reporting live from among others including women and children. Meanwhile, a young man in a white shirt is seen standing next to her. During the reporting, Yuan can be seen raising his hand and calling someone else. As soon as the reporting was over, the journalist slapped the young man’s face. The reason for the slap in the face is not clear in the video.

Twitterati suggested that the young man may have said something bad that provoked the journalist. Journalist Meira Hashmi came forward with an explanation about the incident. Hashmi said that the youth was threatening a family during the live broadcast and he slapped him on the face because he could not bear it. She is a journalist with 9800 followers on Twitter.

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