August 5, 2021
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Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card Inauguration

OCI InaugurationA.C.K. Nair, the Airport Director of CIAL beamed with joy as he inaugurated the distribution of the OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card by handing over the 1st OCI card from Cochin to Mr.Shiji Poulose, from Kothamangalam, a UK Citizen. Cochin international Airport is the 1st Airport in Kerala to handover the OCI card to Persons of Indian origin with foreign citizenship. Shri.K. Sethuraman  IPS presided over the Function. He handed over the OCI card to Ms. Sonia Joseph, in the ceremony held on the office of the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in the airlines building of Cochin International Airport. 30 cards were distributed on the opening day.  There are only 12 places in India who are now processing the OCI card registration 7 distribution and Cochin is Kerala’s first.

Those wishing to get OCI card has to be persons of Indian origina and will have to provide proof of their roots in India and they would have to apply online. After registering online, the hard copies of the documents have to be submitted to the office of the FRRO. On completion of the verification in India and abroad, they would get the OCI card which usually takes 50 days from the date of registration. The registration fee per person is Rs.15,000/- OCI card is not permitted to Pakistan or Bangladesh nationals.

The OCI card holder will get a U-VISA (Universal visa) in his passport which would enable him to visit India any time, any number of times and for any duration without any other VISA. This is very useful in times of emergencies etc. OCI Card holder can work and do business in India except performing Govt. Jobs or owning agricultural or plantation land. They cannot vote or own a ration card. Other wise they can be like an Indian Citizen. The OCI card is a permanent / life long card and hence does not require renewal etc. OCI card holder need not register with FRRO on arrival in India.

The OCI card also will enable them to come and reside in india and also contribute to the development of the nation and also make investment etc. as per the law of the land.


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