April 18, 2024
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Opposition criticises RSS’s reservation remark

Most opposition leaders have strongly criticised the RSS’ remark on the sensitive topic of reservation. They have called the organisation as an organisation with an anti-Dalit mindset. BSP leader Mayawati has advised the RSS to remove its anti-reservation mindset. The Congress, meanwhile, has boasted that it has successfully exposed the anti-Dalit-backward face of the Saffron organisation.

Meanwhile, the RSS has denounced all allegations as baseless. And, it has termed the row as an unnecessary row. It has reemphasised its support to reservation.

It was a remark of the RSS that actually triggered the row. Earlier, the RSS requested a harmonious conversation on the topic of reservation.

In reality, that call is what that has been interpreted as an attempt to foil the reservation system exists in the country.

Reservation in education and government jobs is awarded in the country for certain communities. It is to help those communities to overcome its historic backwardness.

Nowadays, the wicked efforts are there to misinterpret the reservation system in terms of economic condition.

That is a serious wrong. Actually, it is done for petty political gains. It is important to remember that it is totally wrong to distort the prime law document of the country for mere political gain.

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