May 30, 2024
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Opposition alleges NDA failed to check atrocities against Dalits; HM denounces

The opposition parties alleged the ruling BJP-led government has failed to check the atrocities against the Dalit community, while the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, strongly denounced the argument saying this is an example of a distorted mindset. He urged the opposition parties to submit the proof to back up their argument. Meanwhile, he submitted a statistical proof stating the atrocities against the Dalits actually decreased under the NDA rule. In the statistics report submitted by the minister, it shows that there were nearly 39.346 cases reported during 2013, when the UPA was in power, while there were only 38,500 cases reported during the last year. In the statistical report, we can observe a slight decrement in the crime rate. Experts say that under the congress regime, the crimes against Dalits did not get any news value so it was not properly reported or covered. But, now the things are changing, they added. Even some minute incidents are getting immense media attention, they further added. The Dalit issue’s sudden surge in the media market can either be considered as the growth of Dalit activism or be termed as the anti-Hindutva tactics played by the opposition parties. The Union Home Minister claimed that it is the duty of all the political parties and social organisations to act against ‘atrocities against the Dalits’. He defended RSS and other Hindutva outfits, saying the ‘Sang Parivar’ is the largest organisation working for the welfare of the marginalised community. However, the opposition parties including congress and communist parties staged a walkout. Tactically, the BJP members reminded the members that it was congress who denied B R Ambedkar’s entry to the parliament. Ambedkar was a renowned Dalit activist, freedom fighter, and scholar. He was the chairman of the draft committee constituted to prepare the constitution of India. Last month, some Dalit youths were attacked and punished by a cow protection group for allegedly killing a cow. The unfortunate incident sparked wide uproar across the country. Followed by that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the state government to take strong action against those cow protection groups.


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